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Privacy Policy

Posted Novemeber 4th, 2015 and updated January 16th, 2016

Domainer's Names Privacy Policy Statement

In order to enhance your experience on this website, we collect some data that allows us to recognize your browser when you interact with our user interface or when you return for another visit. Most of this information is not personal or private, it is simply used to identify you as a certain user on our system and is used for statistical data.

The Personal Information and Data Collected

  • We collect logged data stored on our servers about your visit.
  • We employ Google Analytics code and Google shares with us statistics about your visit.
  • Some of our more interactive web application scripts employ 'cookies', which are small bits of data stored on your computer that allow a script to track your visit through the website, and to identify you upon your return.

Log Files

None of the information we collect in our log files personally identifies you, it merely tells me what browser client you use, the referring URL of your visit, your IP, the time of your visit, and if there was an error finding a document. 

Analytical Statistics

Additionally, Google collects statistical data that it shares with us which we can use to improve the website and enhance your user experience.


Cookies are only employed when using certain interactive features of the website. These cookies are small bits of data that allow a script to recognize you as you travel throughout the website, and to recognize you when you return.


As examples, cookies are set when you register as a member of the website in order to access member only areas, or when you join the forums, so that you do not have to log in more than once per visit to the website.

Cookies are Small Bits of Tracking Data

Cookies are stored on your computer (or computerized device) in order to allow us to enhance the website with personal messages and interactive features.  While this is meant for future improvements, I hope to enhance your web surfing experience on the site as soon as possible.
Cookies allow us to note when you have returned, and are required in order to display specific information you might request or your browser client might require. Cookies can enhance your user experience as well as enable me to further improve the website interactive user experience.

Cookies are not required

However, you can still turn cookies off in your browser and still use this website. I do not recommend this practice because I will be adding applications that can take advantage of the convenience that cookies provide and your user experience on the website may suffer as a result of turning them off. 
Interacting with the Website

The Newsletter

Soon, you will have the opportunity to sign-up for a low volume (1 to 2 messages per month) email based newsletter. If you do sign-up for this newsletter, you realize and agree to my maintaining the necessary registration information on my server in order to maintain and administer your membership and newsletter emails.

Third Party Software Application

This is an example of an enhancement to the website by adding a third party web application script. An exclusive membership area and an interactive dialog forum are other examples of planned site enhancements that rely on third party software.  
Although I have no control over third party programming, I do research the available selections and try to choose the safest software solution. These scripts enhance the user experience of the website.

Contact: Interacting with Me

Should the opportunity to contact me through this website's online contact form (found in the footer of every page or by using the dedicated contact page) move you to do so, you understand and acknowledge that I will have and keep your personal contact information within my network in order to communicate with you effectively.

Domain Name Negotiation and Sales

Should we agree to a price and initiate the sale of a domain name, I may become privy to even more personal information, such as your registrar.

Your Personal Data is Private

I will protect your personal information and data as well as I can by keeping it within my network. It is not shared with, rented, loaned or given to any third parties outside my network and remains your personal information that I have been entrusted with.
My network is defined as my professional and personal computers, my business and home, and any staff that is employed by me whom is deemed capable and entrusted to handle accounts on my behalf.
I do not spam.  I personally feel that spam has no positive purpose and think it should be oputlawed.
I keep as little of your personal data as possible.


For the purposes of security, I store as little information about you as I possibly can, maintaining only the vital bits of information to keep membership registrations and newsletters active and the lines of communication open.

Reputable Third Party Broker Agents and Escrow Services

If we do enter an agreement to do a domain name deal, it will be handled by an approved, reputable authority in the business, such as Sedo or This protects both of us, as it keeps each party's personal and financial information separate and private from each other.

Data Security

To safeguard your personal information, it is not shared with anyone outside my network. Should you not want to share your personal information with me and my authorized agents any longer, I will be happy to delete it upon request with proof of ownership.
Please do remember that as a matter of security, no financial information or transactions are initiated, transpire or are completed here. All financial data is the responsibility of the banks, financial institutions and escrow services that are entrusted with that responsibility.

Data Loss

I am not responsible for maintaining your personal information and data. Certainly I will attempt to keep it available should we be interacting with each other in any way. However, should I have no need for it, I may delete all your personal information and data without notice, whether you have a relationship with me or the website, or not.
I also maintain the right, at my sole discretion, to delete personal data and refuse service to anyone causing more problems than solutions when dealing with online community issues. Sometimes banning a user may become necessary.
I am simply retaining retaining my right to delete any data I choose, and furthermore, I am not responsible for said data that may be lost due to catostrophic data loss, accident, nefarious circumstances, or acts of God.

Public Information

Information and data that is publicly posted to our website or its forms is not considered private. It is considered shared public information which has been volunteered by the contributor for public consumption and possible discussion, including possible critique in circumstances where that sort of a reaction is invited, such as a domain name valuation or a website design critique.

Participatory Posts Are Not Endorsements 

Accepting someone's post to the site or in a public forum does not constitute its acceptance, or even its approval. The forums will be moderated by responsible parties in their spare time. Deletion of spam posts and ridulousness will be a normal, required task once the moderators become available.


No moderator will be held responsible for moving, hiding, removing or deleting publicly posted information. However, any continued abuse of authority will be reviewed and appropriate actions taken.

Thank You

Thanks for reading this privacy statement and abiding by it.  It is meant to protect both of us.  I hope you enjoy the site.

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This website is a portfolio of my own personal premium domain name collection.
Not all domains are offered for sale, although most any name may be bought for the proper price.

Note that I hardly ever sell developed web properties, as I use these for examples of my web design, graphics or marketing work examples. Plus, they may be turning a profit.

Symbiotic is a freelance design studio specializing in brand development, logo creation, website design, search optimization, positive impact marketing, domain registration, web hosting and servers.
I am temporarily running the studio out of my house, I hope to get a commercial property, one day. 


  • Please be sure to call ahead for an appointment.
  • I am only a couple of blocks from the Augustana University campus administration building.
  • From Minnesota Avenue, go to 29th Street and head west, towards the college.  
  • After two blocks, take a left (going south) onto Duluth Avenue. I am in the 5th house on the left.
  • Use the side door (on the porch).
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