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Premium Domain Names Portfolio

Domainers.Name is a public catalog of my own premium domain names. I have concrete, deliberate plans for most of my domain names. Some I picked up for clients, to assure that if they wanted the name, it would be available to them at cost.   

Although there are many great domains listed here, I do not like to price them because their value will increase over time. If you would like to inquire about any name, you can use the online contact form at the end of any page on this site, use the online contact form on the CONTACT page, or you can use SEDO (Search Engine for Domain Offers) to send me an offer for any name you might be interested in.

Online Sites:

Some domain names are developed. Still, some will only have a single page. But it is much better to have an informational page (without many advertisements) than to have a domain parked with advertisements (of any kind).

Domainer's Names

It has become a little difficult for me to keep my list of domain names up-to-date. I am going to have to figure out a way to simply export my names as a delimited list and throw them up online, somehow.

Until then, I do have a small list of names for sale at Sedo. But not all of my domain names are actually offered up for sale anyway. 

As a domainer, I am actually more interested in creating value. That's why I concentrate on creating websites and content, versus simply selling off my investments in cool brandable names that I have researched and speculated on. I don't find that challenging, nor does it seem rewarding. 

However, I have a lot of domains in my portfolio.  Even if a domain name isn't developed (yet), I might already have a logo for it. Some of my domains have been a website at one time or another.

Not all of my portfolio is listed, some are withheld because they are full working websites.  Some names are withheld because they aren't for general audiences of all ages (those listed are G rated).

I hope you see some names you like either on Sedo or in my featured premium domain names list that I am starting below. If you do find a domain name here that you are interested in, be sure and CONTACT me.

I used to have a nice domain name portfolio web application script, but it stopped working and the new developer's new version download links never worked. If I can come up with another solution to get them all cataloged properly again I will, when I have some time.

Dictionary Words

The following few single word domain names appear in one or more of the current dictionaries...

Boss lady. Not a foreman, a forelady! A bonafide dictionary word.

A sports themed domain name with way too many possibilities for me to tackle.

The Indoor Football League Champions shares its name with many other football teams.

Is your business vicious?

I actually have big plans for worthful, but other projects keep cutting the line in front of it. is already online for the best web hosting solutions.

Archaic/Obselete/Ancient Words

The following domains were once published words, but have since dropped out of use...

This is my backup domain should someone purchase (and vice-versa).

My plans for this is an anti-hero website about this good-for-nothing scoundrel that falls in love and attempts to change his life in a comedy of errors. But first I have to write the book.

To supererogate is to overacheive. Originally, this was used in a religious sense, where one person might deliberately go beyond his duties in order to take up the slack of another (perhaps because of disability) under the watchful the eyes of God.  

This was a swear-word in the middle ages that meant, "Thy Savior's wounds!"

Traunt is an archaic word that means "to sell in an itinerary fashion."
Perfect for door-to-door, outcall sales, sales & marketing, etc... 

Number Names

Numeral top level domain name...

This domain is about getting listed above all in alphanumericly sorted web directories.
Family is ALL, so we need to put BUSINESS FIRST.


The following domain name entries are name or brand acronyms...

My Domain Hostmaster registration service was billed as the home of the $9 Top Level Domain name, but ICANN is raising prices indiscriminately without reason or cause (except for greed), so I don't think I will be able to keep that moniker going much longer (used to be the $8 TLD home).

Animation. Design. Graphics. Technology. Web. Or whatever you want it to be.

A palindrome domain, only 5 letters & very easy to remember. Currently it's Advanced Design & Technology Development Application, but it could literally be anything. 

Currently using it as a Educational Tuition Assistance site, but there are many other options, as well. It turns out that my son was so smart he didn't need my help to get a full ride for college.

Military/Alien Joint Intelligence Commitee? There are way too many unanswered questions about the secret United States group which started out as the Majestic-12 and is said to be operating covertly as a shadow government. In order to appease an alien interest? We can handle the truth!

Originally, this was my Pheasant Hunting in South Dakota website, but no one ever invited me come out and hunt with a camera on their pheasant hunting farm to take photos and promote their business for free, so I turned it into Professional Hosting in South Dakota.

Brand Name Domains

Made-up words & names for branding opportunities... 

I grabbed this domain name to make an information website about Website Security Encryption Certificates and Virtual Private Networks, but it could also do double duty as a crypto currencey information website, eventually.

Create a Radio Control modeling hobby shop, an RC race site, or an affiliate website.

I bought this domain name just so I could do the logo.

Multiple Word Domain Names

A selection of generic, search keyword optimized, and brand oriented domain names...

I truly just don't understand why anyone hasn't snapped this little gem up from me, yet.
I guess I should start thinking about making it an auto sales & parts affiliate website.

Where there is a poker championship, there is usually a prized bracelet for the champ. I prefer to sell these couple of domain names as a set because in the gambling world the .net version of a domain name is used for the main traffic. Use the .com as a redirect & to protect the brand. 

One of the MMA domain names I have to backup my others.

A website for reference, tutorials, training and/or design courses/services for making effective online presences using CSS (and HTML, of course).

All the dirt, news and tips on everything in design (whether it's all graphic, website, fashion, or landscaping design is all up to you).

My designs on another general web directory.

A domain name domain.

Another domain name domain.

I really don't want to sell this one, so you would have to really want it.

A great domain name for video gaming, sports, or even the big gambling picture (sports betting?).

A general web directory right now, but I have thought of it as a domain for a general, heavy-duty, multi-purpose tool product for a long time. Do you need a domain name like that?

HTML 5 is a glorious upgrade to all previous versions of HTML and they are still improving it. Use this for code reference, snippet sharing, tutorials, even full fledged HTML 5 coding courses.  

The ion pulse detonation engine is a real thing that NASA and private parties have been developing for more than half a century. The current mini-site highlights a couple of these projects and has information on the technology.

Lulu, our black & white fluffy toy dog, and I are working on this website, now.

Certainly, the great risk of our frontline healthcare industry should be compensated for their risk as well as be reimbursed for the eductaional investment in their future. The current mini-site explores this, but I have also gotten inquiries to make it a Maryland paycheck processing name. Buy the registration rights and do with it what you want.

When I was young I wanted to become an astronaut. Then my father told me about all the dangers I would face. Still, I think that the human race needs to become interplanetary.

MMA Fighter showcase site. YouTube video highlights of fight talent with textual descriptions.

Another one of my MMA sports domains, just in case I need it if someone buys one of my others.

I have been wanting to create a receipe website of Mom's good cooking for a long time.

Obestatins are specialized weight-reducing 'statin' drugs.

Obestatins are specialized weight-reducing 'statin' drugs.

Obestatins are specialized weight-reducing 'statin' drugs.

The universe may be somewhat flat, but there is much more than just this one.

When you own a domain name and don't develop it into a website, you might want to park it with a Pay-Per-Click advertiser to share in the revenue created from Pay-Per-Click advertisements.

Another social networking portal/platform complete with a web directory that I have planned.

I run a Google Group called PhotoshopPros, but the group is much less active with the advent of social media platforms.

This is a great name for anyone into php coding & web development (websites or app scripts).

Another one of my future web directory projects, but it would work well for a dir script product.

Are you a travel agent? Organize and conduct travel tours around the various different poker championship tours. There's the WSOP (World Series of Poker) poker tournament series and the Heartland poker tournaments, just to name a couple.

There are a variety of ways to create multiple streams of Pay-Per-Click advertising income.

The spoilers, front air dam and ground effects are only some of a racecar's "race trim".

If you want the definitive auto & truck dealer domain for US manufacturers, you literally can't go elsewhere, you need this name unless you are also selling import cars & trucks.


Mobirise comes with huge collection of pre made layouts to help make your development faster.

Pretty much everything we see is 'web 2.0.' But now we are seeing a focus on 'web 3.' Will it change the internet as we know it? I have my fingers crossed. I hope so.

Mobirise comes with huge collection of pre made layouts to help make your development faster.

List updated December 18th, 2020

By Doug Peters ('Domainer'), uploaded 8:58 pm Central Time

Thanks for checking out my featured available domain names for sale portfolio. The list is small, but I only recently restarted reworking the list. You can always check back for updates.

Note that not everything here is listed for sale at Sedo, but can be got there. Or you can contact me for a sale through I would have to approve of any other digital sales facilitation service.

Take care! -Doug



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This website is a portfolio of my own personal premium domain name collection.
Not all domains are offered for sale, although most any name may be bought for the proper price.

Note that I hardly ever sell developed web properties, as I use these for examples of my web design, graphics or marketing work examples. Plus, they may be turning a profit.

Symbiotic is a freelance design studio specializing in brand development, logo creation, website design, search optimization, positive impact marketing, domain registration, web hosting and servers.
I am temporarily running the studio out of my house, I hope to get a commercial property, one day. 


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